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“A” Mountain’s Trash Issue

Hayden Butte, better known as “A” mountain has long been a point of pride for all of Arizona State. The mountain sits steps away from ASU’s Tempe campus offering a great place for students to get a workout and take in an amazing view of the Phoenix skyline.  Unfortunately, over the past few years, “A” mountain has become overrun with trash and graffiti left by those who frequent the mountain.  This package is meant to create awareness to a growing problem and hopefully in time turn “A” mountain back into a source of pride for ASU, rather than the school dump.

Homeless Transportation Fare

The Valley Metro along with the city of Phoenix are in charge of a fare program that aids the Valley’s neediest people. The program offers charities the ability to provide their clients with half priced bus and light rail fares in order to ride to doctors appointments, work, and find work, among other things. One problem that has arisen, especially during the summer, people using the fares are using them to get out of the sun, rather than for its intended purpose. Because of this, charities are implementing checks and balances to ensure that the fares are being used properly by asking to see proof, such as a doctors note or prescription. Filming this package was an absolute challenge. Filming people at the lowest place in their life was very uncomfortable and getting someone to get on camera and talk about it was even harder.

Ryan and Laetitia Coleman tried to open up a tattoo parlor in Mesa was denied a business permit. The couple has sued the City of Mesa for violating there First Amendment rights. The case which started in March of 2010 and is currently in the appeals court awaiting a final decision. Neither the Mesa or the Coleman’s were available for comment due to ongoing litigation. I spoke to a tattoo parlor who went through a similar three year battle with the city of Tempe and a Mesa resident to get both opposing sides.


I was looking to do a story on the Occupy Phoenix movement. Moments after I arrived, a bomb went off just across the street in front of the Maricopa County Courthouse.  Though a public information officer wasn’t available and the Police couldn’t comment, I was able to get reactions from nearby protesters who were concerned about being blamed for the bombing.  The protesters were adamant that they wouldn’t be intimidated, and shortly after the explosion, protesters went right back to the streets to support the movement.

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